Mike Foston

Gamer, Technology Fan, Community Champion.

I've lived in Fetham for over 15 years and during that time I've come to know a wide range of people and to appreciate many great things in my local area. As in life not all experiences have been postiive in themselves but they have led to other things which have become incredibly positive in my life.

This site is used to share some of the personal things that I spend my time on, that amuse me, or that I think are worth sharing.

You'll find information here on other  sites I run personally and those I create for other groups and activities that happen locally.

Other Sections of this Site.

There are (or are going to be) a few other sections of this site which will detail some of the things I am personally interested in, and share them with you, from gaming of various kinds to charities and perhaps a number of other things as I find ways to share them with you.

At over 55 and having worked with technology all my life, I've got a broad range of interests and the internet allows you to gain far more experience that you can sometimes achieve directly.

Simple blog of interesting things.

So photos i've taken and like.

Some sites I think are worth a visit.

My Sites and Others Locally.

I have a number of sites that I look after having split everything up rather than having it on a single site as it lets me explore more options and software that I can use to create them.


This site details some of my personal interests, hobbies and other things I find around the internet  that catch my eye


I love exploring new computer software, typically Web Apps or Mac/iOS software. I'm starting to blog about it here.


I try and provide various help around my community. The site shows the types of things I am invovled in.


One of my hobbies is creating websites and I've decided to offer this to local community groups and charities for free.


Bubbles, loved by all. We love making supersized 5ft+ bubbles. We do this for free at community/charity and public events. Kids get to make the bubbles too


This was my original website for the local community where we shared lots of local information. We've since moved to a huge Facebook group instead.


This website is used (post Covid) to publicise local events and activities to the local community.


This website hasn't really gotten off the ground yet, but the plan was for a local news site by local residents.


THis site collects information from job databases of anything very specifically in the Feltham area and we also have some companies who list local jobs here too


I've supported Feltham Food Bank for many years and now look after their website for them.


I was a former trustee of the Feltham Community Development Association and I look after their web site and IT.


This is my newest project, the Feltham branch of a growing group that takes donated, but good quality football boots and gives them to locals in need for FREE.

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